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His clients say what sets Yorburg apart is his unique understanding of design.“There are many cavers who are technically excellent,” says Bob Stuhmer, one of Yorburg’s clients and a band organ composer, “but most of them don’t know how to breathe life into the creatures they carve.” * * * row of garishly colored puppets with black, beady eyes, patterned suits and pointy, Pinocchio noses lines a shelf in Yorburg’s home library.“Gary is the one who Bob spends all of his time with,” Taplin’s wife Susan, 68, says through a laugh.One of Taplin’s favorite projects was the restoration of a fortuneteller arcade game that now sits in the corner of Yorburg’s bedroom.“If that doesn’t get you going, I don’t know what will,” he says, laughing.“You just gotta carve to that.” During America’s carousel “golden age,” which lasted from the late nineteenth century until about 1930, there were more than four thousand handcrafted carousels made by famous carvers like Gustav Dentzel and Marcus Illions.

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They met in 1978 while he prepared a magic act for a Pathmark annual sales meeting.Taplin delivered the order to Yorburg’s parents’ house, where Taplin fondly recalls Yorburg putting on a magic show for his son, who was eight at the time.

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